Moriarty – Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode Cover)

The first song I heard of Moriarty was Jimmy and I’ve really liked the voice of the singer Rosemary Standley. Then I listened to the whole record Gee Whiz and fell in love with it! In this record was the cover of Depeche Mode’s song Enjoy The Silence. Their cover was so sweet and original (dissonant percussive solo, dissonant chord at the end…) I decided to cover it. So now here is the tab and lesson! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

2. Tablature

This tab is based on my cover available on youtube. It’s strictly personnal, not official. Of course you can share it, but please quote the blog address or the url of my youtube channel to motivate me! The next parts will give you some helps to play this cover. (Guitar Pro version available on demand)

3. Chords

No real difficulty in this song about the chords that are used. Here is the structure :

Intro : Bm  ; D

Verse : Bm ; Dm ; G

Chorus : Em ; G ; Bm ; Bm7

The whole song will be playe using finger picking, the thumb picking the lowest note of each chord + the open strings.There are however some subtilities, let’s go into details.

4. Details

Intro (and solo part) : In the 5th measure, you’ll have to use your pinky to play the G note 8th fret B string. To be able to do that, play the D chord using your index finger and the ring finger. Moriarty D

Chorus : At the end of the chorus, we go back to the Bm chord which seems to be played two measures long. Be careful : the second time (measure 13) you’ll have to take off your pinky : by this way you’ll turn the Bm chord into a Bm7.

Moriarty Bm Bm7

Ending : The last chord used in this song is, as I said in the introduction, a dissonant chord (a diminshed 5th or augmented 4th as you want). The use of this chord is very rare in pop songs, so if you’re not used to it, simply remind that this shape (x-1-2-3-x-x) will give a feeling of unstability.

5. Conclusion

I trully hope I helped you to learn this song. Feel free to give feedback!

If you have any question, feel free to contact me through comments and I will adapt the article according to your needs. I also remind you that the tab is made according to my personnal arrangement, please quote the blog address if you want to share it!


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