Foo Fighters – White Limo

1. Tuning

For this song I use a standard tuning. There is no real need to change it even if I’ve already seen people playing it with a dropD tuning. It could be another possibility of course because of the speed of some power chord changes but the lowest note played in the song is a low E, so no need to use something else than standard tuning.

2. Tablature

This tab is based on my cover available on youtube. It’s strictly personnal, not official. Of course you can share it, but please quote the blog address or the url of my youtube channel to motivate me! The next parts will give you some helps to play this cover.

Guitar Pro Version

PDF Version

3. Main riff

The main riff is composed of two segments : the first part (measures 1,2 and 3 for example) is not really hard to play. You index finger will be used for the seventh fret and then you keep one finger for each other fret (middle finger for 8th fret and so on). The only thing you have to keep in mind is that your sound will be more powerful if you use very slight harmonics (played with your right hand thumb) on the D# (G string 8th fret) and the C (D string 10th fret).

The second part of the riff is based on 5th chords. This is the real hard part of the song demanding a lot of accuracy. These chord changes have to be played very quickly and very clearly. The first time we end this riff on a C power chord, the second time we end on a F adding a fifth interval on the low E string (8-8-10-x-x-x).

4. Chorus

Once again we can distinguish two different parts for the chorus. The first part (measures 18 to 25) is made of power chords except the G chord I play with open strings (3-x-0-0-3-x). The reason why I do this is simply to give more power to this part. You can of course use this shape too (3-5-5-4-3-3) but you loose the specific sound of the open strings.

The second part (measures 26 to 32) is very cool to play! We use the same chord progression as the previous part but this time we don’t play chords but notes seperated from each other. On the tab I added a vibrato sign on each low note. These notes are pretty short so it’s not very important but if you want to have a more vivd sound, feel free to play them this way.

The second part is longer the second time it’s played. At that moment (measures 51 to 65) you repeat the riff adding a E chord (measures 57 and 58).

5. Solo

Once again we have 4 parts here! Each part is separated from the other by power chords. It’s quite difficult to hear  what is precisely played by the band but I think I’m pretty close on the video, at least I’m in the same mood!

First part (measures 76, 77 and 78). A very bluesy riff using a bend on the G string 9th fret. (ring finger or middle finger depending on how accurate you are with your bends).

Second part is composed of bends. Each time we have the same principle : the B string is the note you’ll reach on the G string using a full step bend. For example, (x-x-x-9bend-7-x) : you play a E note on the G string, you will bend it a full step to reach another F# (which is the note layed on the B string). By this way, you hear the same note played at the same octave twice (very powerful but you have to be precise). Same operation with G#, A and B.

Third part is tricky. You can very clearly hear the sound of bends on the record. The tab is not accurate for rythm you’ll have to find your own way of playing it. The only thing I garanty you is that I played it playing the 9th fret and then the 12th fret. Each time I used bends to reach the sound I wanted but you’ll have to feel (and hear) it.

Fourth part : Once again it’s pretty hard to precisely hear what’s played on the record. So this tab will give you the way I play it on the video. I tried to be as close as possible to the original feeling using slides on the 7th fret (very bluesy too).

6. Outro

The outro is a condensed version of the main riff. No need to play power chords this time, just the low E string. Be careful with the very last note (A) : in the song we clearly hear the use of a vibrato. As I don’t have one, I bend the neck of my guitar to do this effect, feel free to do it too but with a lot of precaution : it’s not the best way to keep your guitar healthy!

7. Conclusion 

I trully hope I helped you to learn this song. Feel free to give feedback!

If you have any question, feel free to contact me through comments and I will adapt the article according to your needs. I also remind you that the tab is made according to my personnal arrangement, please quote the blog address if you want to share it!

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