System Of A Down – Violent Pornography

1. Tuning

Usually, SOAD uses a low tuning (CGCFAD) but in the 2 albums Mesmerize and Hypnotize, they use another one, a half tone higher, C#G#C#F#A#D#. We can conclude that in the first seconds of the song thanks to the use of the open C# string. So, you will have to drop all the strings down a half tone and then, turn the Eb string down a half tone. You will therefore have two C# (easy to tune).

2. Tablature

This tab is based on my cover available on youtube. It’s strictly personnal, not official. Of course you can share it, but please quote the blog address or the url of my youtube channel to motivate me! The next parts will give you some helps to play this cover.

Guitar Pro Version

PDF Version

3. Intro and outro

To play the intro, make sure to let the C# ring when you play the other strings. On the tab you’ll see « let ring » above several notes. We’ll have to bery very careful with both our hands not to stop them ringing otherwise you won’t be close to the original. Don’ forget to play a slide from the 5th fret to the 7th fret at measure 3. This small effect is very important if you want to be as precise as possible.

The outro uses the same riff as the intro but when it’s repeated, we’ll have to slow down. Also another detail you won’t see in the tab. At the very beginning of the second time, when you play the open C# string, slightly play the G# string as well to give more depth to your sound.

4. Verses

As you can see, the verse is composed of power-chords. The difficult part here is to follow the rythm. Each part begins in between two bars. You have to be careful about that, feel free to count times if necessary. Also, this part of the song is played with clean sound. It will be a problem on the second verse.

Take a look at measure 20. You can see that we just finish playing the chorus which uses distortion. This change of sound is really quick and you have to be very clean, don’t hesitate to work this change very slowly first.

5. Pre-Chorus

The hardest part of the song. You’ll have to be very precise with you right hand. In this part we mainly use open C#, G# and C# strings but we have to mute them very quickly. Read very carefully the rythmic pattern to see where are the sixteenth rests.

When you play the chords on 1st, 3rd and 4th fret, be as clean as possible and think about which fingers you’ll use. For example, usually I work with one finger for one fret but there, I had to change to only use my first 3 fingers (the pinky isn’t fast enough to cover 3 strings). Feel free to work it slowly firt.

6. Chorus

The chorus is one of the easiest part of the song. It’s made of power-chords and these power-chords are even easier thanks to the DropC# tuning : one finger is enough to play! The chorus is made of two parts. The first one involves chords which last for the entire bars (pretty easy isn’t it?). The second part uses the same chord progression but this time you’ll have to play using palm-muting.

7. Bridge

For the bridge, you simply play the same chords as the chorus, in the same order, but very slightly (especially the second time).

8. Conclusion

I trully hope I helped you to learn this song. Feel free to give feedback!

If you have any question, feel free to contact me through comments and I will adapt the article according to your needs. I also remind you that the tab is made according to my personnal arrangement, please quote the blog address if you want to share it!



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