Green Day – ¿Viva La Gloria? [Little Girl]

Let’s have a look at this song by Green Day!

1. Introduction – A typical Green Day song

This song has many punk-rock elements which are quite typical of this style (structure, the use of power chords…) but also some small subtleties such as alternate bass and the use of staccato on certain parts. We will look at these precise parts to be as close as possible to the original.

2. Tablature

This tab is based on my cover available on youtube. It’s strictly personnal, not official. Of course you can share it, but please quote the blog address or the url of my youtube channel to motivate me! The next parts will give you some helps to play this cover.

Guitar Pro Version

PDF Version

3. Piano part

The song starts with 8 measures of piano I didn’t cover because of the very specific sound of this part (trills). But then, when the singing starts, I cover the piano part. As you can see on the tab, it’s not that hard. You simply hear there is an alternate bass on each chord (framed in red below). We can hear a Fm (1331xx), then another Fm but one octave higher (x8.10.10.9x), C# and C. On each of these chords you’ll have to play the bass, then the fifth and the third. I played it on hybrid picking (bass played with the pick, other strings with fingers) to have a better control, I suggest to learn it this way to be as clean as possible.

4. Chorus

For the chorus, we also have to play this alternate bass on two chords : C# and C. This time we use distortion and we don’t need hybrid picking anymore. As you can see on the tab (8th and 9th measure) I added brackets on the chords when the bass is played on the Low E string. The reason is that you won’t play the chord but you’ll keep you fingers placed for the next one. The bass will be played with the index finger, the other fingers slighltly releasing the pressure to avoid noises in case you accidently pick the other strings.

At the end of the chorus, there is a small riff (measure 9 and 12) you will have to be careful with. I added above the 12th measure « staccato », meaning you have to « detach » them.

5. Verses

To play the verses, I chose to play the chords in the middle of the neck. You could also play them on the top of it (xx656x = xxx111 for example) but you’ll have much more problems to play it clean because you’ll have to play open strings.

This part of the song uses eighth rests in between each note, you will therefore have to be very clean. Be very careful also on the second part of the verse (measures 15 and 16), the rythm is not as regular as the beginning.

The lick measure 19 is not played entirely. I played it this way to avoid having a long silence right in the verse. I made a tutorial on how to choose what to play where there are several guitars, check the « method » part of the blog.

6. Solo

The solo part is quite easy to play but I don’t really play it the same way it’s recorded. I added a lot of vibrato and hammers-on to make the solo more vivid.

Be very careful also when you play measures 47 and 48. Be as precise as possible and work your bends to make them sound. You have to play a full bend each time.

7. Conclusion

I trully hope I helped you to learn this song. Feel free to give feedback!

If you have any question, feel free to contact me through comments and I will adapt the article according to your needs. I also remind you that the tab is made according to my personnal arrangement, please quote the blog address if you want to share it!



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