Youtube Guitarists (from A to D)

NO, the blog’s not dead!

So, where were we? In this quick article, I’m gonna share with you the musical youtube channels I follow via my own one. Let’s see those youtubers! I have to precise I haven(t classified them, they’re quoted in alphabetical order.

Let’s start with the guitar (of course) with users from A to D!

Achokarlos – (Spanish guitarist who plays very heavy music. I discovered him with his Meshuggah covers. He now arranges great songs with an 8 strings guitar)

Adrian Holovaty (Not much to say, I have discovered his channel a few weeks ago. BUT, I fell in love with his Zelda rendition. One of my favorites on the web)

Sam Westphalen (BEWARE GENIUS! Sam Westphalen, a young guy who arranges great song using percussive guitar techniques. Really verry impressive, he is even able to sing along… Incredible. Listen to the whole Slayer cover, it’s amazing!)

Arlo Boska (A lot of Limp Bizkit videos, also some Big Dumb Face (the freaky project by wes Borland). His Indigo Flow cover reminds us the originality of WB style)

BeeSideProject (The most beautiful covers of Björk and Radiohead I ever heard… Amazing covers… After a long break, the channel is back with original material I haven’t checked yet)

BenPowellGuitar (Fingerpicking, nice songs but, above all, incredible interpretation with a lot of nuances… a great guitar player)

Chris Zoupa (Amazing guitar teacher who explains great solos. Great work)

CreativeGuitarStudio (Andrew Wasson guitar lessons – a hell of a lot very intersting videos. He gives his lessons according to questions he gets from his youtube audience and believe me (I have tried), he answers very quickly. )

David Wallimann (Guitar teacher , I love his Fusion approach. Very interesting channel)

Dabeed (Discovered with his Tigran Hamasyan cover, he works on great (but not famous enough) bands I enjoy)

Dre9q (Because this guy is crazy enough to play Guitars Still Suck by Bumblefoot)

More to come pretty soon!


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